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"Vocally, [Lance] is in a league of his own.  I haven't heard a voice that powerful in a long time." - 2016 - Mark Hurst

​"Lance and Lauren need to be on every music lovers to-do list and play-list" - 2015 - Melanie Goodwin AETV16

Every so often there comes a voice that stops you in your tracks.  A voice that expresses an emotion better than any sound or story could.  A voice that could be speaking any language and still be understood.  Lance Kinnaird has that kind of a voice.  In a soulful but delicate way, his voice makes you feel as if he is at his breaking point with every word.  When asked about his new EP, Bright Nights, Kinnaird says it's "meant to explore the ups and downs... the intense joy and despair of love".  There may not be a better way to describe his voice. 

Add Texas-blues guitarist and bandmate, Lauren Abraham, who's colorful lead guitar plays off of Lance's voice like they were made for each other, and you have yourself something special.  Their differences in style is what makes them great.  You get the best of both worlds.

Simply put... It's Ray LaMontagne meets Stevie Ray Vaughn.